Dear clients,

An Interpreter

  • The presence of an authorized interpreter (translator) is required, in case when a foreign citizen or a citizen of the Community (EU) & EEA, CH does not speak Bulgarian (in writing and in speech), even if the document is bilingual.

On the day of notarization, the signature before the Notary is affixed in the presence of an authorized (official) interpreter, who shall translate the document according to the procedure (verbally). The interpreter shall finally sign the documents before the notary.

The client is responsible for the official interpreter and the fees.


Residence Permit & National Passport

  • Concerning foreign & EU, EEA and the Swiss Confederation nationals:

In addition to the Residence Permit (incl. Residence permit of an EU, EEA, CH citizen), a valid National passport must be presented.

Non-negotiable conditions!



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